Monday, January 19, 2009

What ARE These Guys Doing?

I got these salt and pepper shakers awhile ago -- maybe at Sparks last spring.

Not sure what they are doing. Playing a horn? Smoking a very large pipe? Whatever it is, they look kind of strage and that's why I liked them. Now they look right at home on this chalkboard.

The black pear bead above the shaker came from the stash Jas bought me for my birthday. More quirky things I really like.

I've had this beat up red and black tin for awhile, too, and it looks pretty good perched on the corner of the chalkboard.

This great cup with the Dutch-looking girl came from a friend of my mother-in-law's named Brenda. She goes thrift store shopping every day, something I would love to do.

The cup is a rusty tin and says Germany on the bottom. Brenda actually asked my mother-in-law if she should paint the rust inside before giving it to me and Betty told her no way. She knows the rustier, the better.

An old shoe polish bottle at the top.

This chalkboard is made with some plastic ballerinas I got off of Etsy recently. Same thing as the babies on the previous post; I could hardly wait to use them.

Tiny cup from Betty.

And a chalkboard in all greens.

Another cool little tin. These are going to Stuff today, the first of probably several drop offs between now and my promotional event on the 31st.

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