Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Home Stretch

I have two more chalk boards waiting to be grouted and I just don't think I'm going to make it down to the basement tonight. I've spoken with other artists about inventory and I think it's a universal feeling to think you never have enough before a show or event. I did get a few things done this week, including this Valentine chalk board.

I used lots of the great stuff I got from my antique mall adventures last weekend.

Including this great plastic vintage figurine. It may be too light to read, but the heart he is holding says, "be mine". I wonder where he came from. What was he carrying around in that heart he's holding?

The red button on the top left came from one of the jars I bought last weekend. Same with the pink, white, and red beaded earring.

Remember these vintage fruit magnets? I think just about everybody had a set of these at one time. They just look like they go in the kitchen, don't they?

I got the orange chalk holder while thrift store shopping with my mom a couple of weekends ago. I almost forgot about it and started to use another chalk holder. Glad I remembered because it fits right in with the rest of the fruit.

A strawberry and an orange.

Of course, I knocked out a few switch plates. Here's a yellow plastic cowboy who looks like he wants to raise some hell.

A plastic blue ram just may be one of the strangest things I've put in a switch plate to date. I said maybe because I'd really have to think about it to know for sure.

More vintage plastic animals. These are cream and there's a piggie, a chicken, and a lamb. More weird mosaics, but I've already used that title in a post.

I can't use this concrete pelican in a mosaic, but I couldn't pass him up. I found him in the Jessie James Antique Mall last weekend and the guy behind me told me I had my work cut out for me to repaint him. I looked at him like, "are you kidding?!" He is perfect just the way he is!! Then, he looked at me like I was very, very strange.

Concrete statues are my new favorite thing. I have a great cherub I got last year from the Curious sofa and I love the concrete head I took a picture of a couple posts down. Donnie at the River Market Antique Mall has some great ones, too. For now, I'm really enjoying my pelican just the way he is, thank you.


andrea said...

Hey Kelly,

Love that little valentine guy! See you saturday at STUFF.

Sweet Repose said...

me the cement stuff. I too have a pelican that's old and weathered and his head has been glued back on...who cares, he reminds me of Florida every day, as I shiver away in Iowa!