Sunday, January 25, 2009

St. Joe Antique Mall Heaven

My friend, Dawn, and I hit some antique malls in St. Joe yesterday. We went to The Rusty Chandelier, Jessie James Antique Mall, and the St. Joe Antique Mall. We were in it for the long haul and we had a total blast.

So many fun and unusual things.

I saw lots and lots of really cool vintage Valentines. I have to force myself to focus on things for my mosaics, but I do like to pause to check out paper-realted stuff sometimes.

Most booths I saw weren't styled particularly well; that is an art in and of itself you know. But there were some great booths with talented dealers who were great at putting it all together.

Love the concrete head.

These bubble framed old pics are fabulous. I would love to have an entire wall of them. I particularly liked this one for the man's wirey beard.

And this is my stash. I had to do some major restocking so I can work like mad this week to build my inventory before my big day Saturday the 31st. Remember, if you're in the KC area, head to Stuff with whatever broken, rusty, tarnished or chipped items you wish to repurpose into a custom mosaic for Valentine's Day!

The plastic dude holding the heart is going into a Valentine-themed chalk board. He is going to make a great chalk holder.

I found lots of great figurines to put in cement, including a couple more very vintage looking deer like I had shown in my last post.

And I love the look of old bottles. The orange alligator will be a chalk holder for a chalk board.

I have to replenish my stash quite frequently. I cram tons of fun stuff into my mosaics, broken dishes are only a part of that. I need lots of buttons, beads, vintage jewelry, and figurines to get the look I'm after. Dawn and I are already staking out our next destination!

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