Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Projects

This is just a quick update to show off the finished switch plate (below) that I made for my eye doctor. Switch plates are so much fun to do and add a splash of art where you weren't really expecting one. The magnet above was done awhile ago as a thank you to a gal who was kind enough to give me a cool plate that she had broken. I repurposed some of those pieces back into the maget since her grandmother had hand painted the plate.

I just love this Victorian gent. Real men aren't afraid of wearing pink.

I bought a kitchen table and chairs off of Craig's List and wanted to post this as a "before". I'm painting them black and my mom is currently recovering the seats in a canvas that will be sort of brown paper sack-colored. I then want to stencil something Frenchy on them in black. I looked into covering them with grain sacks but the really cool ones are super expensive and would end up cosing more than the entire set did in the first place. I think a home made version will be fun to do, especially since my mom's doing most of the work!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

Please excuse the styling in these pictures; we're moving in nine days!!! Isn't this just the most gorgeous dress form?! I found it about three months ago when Dawn and I went junking in Paola. I didn't buy it at the time because I simply didn't have room for it. But now that the new house is in my sights, I called yesterday and found out the flea market still had it. Jason, Dash and I made a b-line south this morning to pick it up. I just love it!!!

I already know where I'm putting it. I'm doing a funked-out French country design style in the living room and this dress form will be perfect.

Here's Jason acting cute. As I was gathering my new additions for the photo, he said flatly, "Wow, this is veritable treasure trove." Ha! As you can see, I picked up a lot more in Paola than just the dress form.

I plan on putting the trunk in the living room, too. The rest will be mixed in here or there. I'll have to find something interesting for the tub.

Jason also made a crack about how this lamp looks like something that belongs in my great Aunt LaRue's house. This was not a compliment. I think my aunt is about 100 years old now and I don't know that she's put anything new in her house since about 1957. We had a productive day not just here, but at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. We needed it all -- washer/drier, a bed for Dash, a desk for Jason. We are just ready to be moved already!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

I went into the eye doctor today to get some contacts and my doctor is so much fun! If you're in the Kansas City area, go get your eyes checked out by Teresa Larcom at Innovative Eye Care on 82nd and State Line. She was telling me about a room she has painted in a washed-out turquoise and it sounded so cool. I just had to come home and make her a switch plate.

Um, only problem is, we're moving and much of my mosaic supplies are in the garage. So this was my studio, I sat on the ground next to some garbage cans to make my switch plate. I call it "art in a pinch."

I had to show off my fab custom ring by Elle Binder. If you can't read it, it says "The Smiths."

And turn the ring and you have "Morrissey". What could be more perfect, I ask you? I'm taking Brendan into Stuff soon because he wants one that says "Beck." Very cool. Elle can make you anything you want and she really gets it, so go to Stuff and order up.

Brendan just got back from a wonderful trip to France and brought me this great perfume from a perfumery in the south of France. It was hard for him to pick a favorite spot. They went all over. I hope this makes a world traveler out of him; I've never been off this continent.

He brought back some cool plates and told me they were for my mosaics. No way!

And he brought my dad, a total history fanatic, a book from Normandy and some sea shells. He swam in the Mediterranean, ate dinner in a cave, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, toured the French countryside, and had wine with dinner. He was only gone for 10 days, but if felt like months and I am so happy he's home!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All about Mosaics

When I was demonstrating mosaics on the sidewalk outside of Stuff for the Brookside Art Fair, we had a lot of customers ask about mosaic classes. It didn't take long for Casey and Sloane to get some rolling and we've had a great response. Marge (above) and her daughter, Kate (below), were my first pupils.

I enjoyed these girls so much!! Marge and I had a great time talking about home decor because she also loves all things French Country. Katie was just a doll and look how talented they both are!! Their pieces are so different from one another and so unique and fun in their own ways. It's awesome to see someone make something and say, "I did that!!!"

The classes are structured so you can come to glue or grout at a couple of them so while Marge and Kate were grouting, some gals from work came to glue. Here are Alison and Jill digging through treasures deciding how to construct their pieces.

Here's Marge hard at work grouting. She chose a lot of intricate jewelry to include so this was a challenge to grout on your first time out, but she made something fantastic!

Here's Erin digging for treasure. She found some great stuff and has such an eye for putting it altogether. I can't wait to see her piece once it's grouted!

And another shot of everyone hard at work. There are two more classes, one at 6:00 this Tuesday, June 9 and another next Sunday, June 13 at 10:30. It's not too late to sign up! Just call the girls from Stuff at 816-361-8222 and they can take your order over the phone. Hope to see you there!!