Saturday, June 6, 2009

All about Mosaics

When I was demonstrating mosaics on the sidewalk outside of Stuff for the Brookside Art Fair, we had a lot of customers ask about mosaic classes. It didn't take long for Casey and Sloane to get some rolling and we've had a great response. Marge (above) and her daughter, Kate (below), were my first pupils.

I enjoyed these girls so much!! Marge and I had a great time talking about home decor because she also loves all things French Country. Katie was just a doll and look how talented they both are!! Their pieces are so different from one another and so unique and fun in their own ways. It's awesome to see someone make something and say, "I did that!!!"

The classes are structured so you can come to glue or grout at a couple of them so while Marge and Kate were grouting, some gals from work came to glue. Here are Alison and Jill digging through treasures deciding how to construct their pieces.

Here's Marge hard at work grouting. She chose a lot of intricate jewelry to include so this was a challenge to grout on your first time out, but she made something fantastic!

Here's Erin digging for treasure. She found some great stuff and has such an eye for putting it altogether. I can't wait to see her piece once it's grouted!

And another shot of everyone hard at work. There are two more classes, one at 6:00 this Tuesday, June 9 and another next Sunday, June 13 at 10:30. It's not too late to sign up! Just call the girls from Stuff at 816-361-8222 and they can take your order over the phone. Hope to see you there!!

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Lori R. said...

Maybe you could do a traveling lesson. I'm over here by Sharon at Sweet Repose. I'll round up the girls. We'll have a great time! What do ya say? I know, too far, well thanks for sharing the pics. Please post more. Maybe we could learn from the pics...