Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please excuse the look of my blog. It is under construction and my husband, the blog expert, is currently at the comic book store and is unavailable for consult. I became inspired to do this blog because of all the great ones I'm addicted to reading just about every day. They provide inspiration and energy that fuel my own creativity. (Please check out my favorite links). I'm a little overwhelmed at where to begin. I love the great pictures I see on others' blogs, so I'd like to start out with a few of my own as examples of what I've been working on of late and also of some of the great finds I've tripped upon recently.

Sometimes I like to make birdhouses out of canisters and other non-traditional birdhouse shapes, but I got back to basics on this one. The shape is about the only basic, however. With all that's going on here, I fear if this were outdoor worthy, it would make most birds dizzy. But I really had fun with it! (SOLD)

I found this great Koi fish salt and pepper shaker set on a shopping spree this last weekend with my friend, Lisa. I had a blast incorporating the frowny fishes into this magnetized chalkboard for the fridge. (SOLD) Lisa and I also hit Raised in Cotton (I don't know how to hot link yet, so check out the link in my faves) on our trip around town, where I found my marvelous mini dress form! Thanks, Carol!

Before too much time passes, I'd like to show off my fabulous find from the First Annual Curious Sofa estate sale (pictured below). I admit that this was not my only purchase! Okay, and I admit that the table they're displayed on came from the Curious Sofa, too, about seven years ago!

I'm so excited about this blog thing that I could literally post dozens of pics, but I want to work on building my readership, not putting people to sleep, so I'll slip in this last few of a corkboard I did recently. It includes a fab butter pat I found at the Mission Road Antique Mall and a cool art deco finial I got from my friend Erin who has a booth at the River Market Antique Mall (second floor, straight ahead!).