Monday, April 29, 2013

Sarah's Style

Sarah Richardson is my favorite interior designer.  Creating children's spaces using colors that aren't typical is one of her signature moves.  When I got a call recently for a mosaic letter R for a nursery from one of my favorite customers, I was really excited that the color scheme was yellow and gray.  It also immediately reminded me of Sarah.  The reason it's so fun to use these non traditional kids room colors is that they transition well as the child gets older.  You can add and take things away from the room without changing everything about the space.  I can see this mosaic letter R in baby Riley's room, in 13 year old Riley's room, and even in 28 year old Riley's house someday!  Here's the goddess herself, Sarah Richardson.

And the mosaic letter R I did for Riley:

Flower Power

Awhile back, I made a giant sunflower, about 24" tall.  This one is much smaller, only about 15" tall.  It's going to be part of a centerpiece for a fundraiser I'm doing with Zaarly on Thursday.  After Thursday's event, it will be for sale, $62.  Please contact me if you're interested and I can guide you through ordering on Zaarly - it's a really easy site to use and has dozens of storefronts with local business owners who can provide anything from lawn mowing to hand crafted art!

I'm Feeling Blue

My latest custom teapot is for a Kansas City Symphony Designer Showhouse customer.  I love to mosaic the 3D, silver plated pieces!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

GROW Themed Table

This post is for Lu'Chen!  Here's the stand I'm thinking of for the coffee pot, please ignore the mess in the background.

Mason jar with green cubes.  I was thinking about a little water and a fern frond next to each table setting.

White plate on silver charger.

Silver napkin ring.

Green apple colored ribbon for a bow at each plate, along with a mosaic leaf with the inspirational words on each.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thanks, Al

I get inspiration for my art from all kinds of different places, but the cover of an Al Green album is a new one.  I'm still in love with you, too, Al.


More pics of my mosaic green and white coffee pot.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I've created several mosaic dogs, but never kitties.  This is my first attempt.  I have another one cut out that looks more like a scrawny alley cat and he'll be black.  This one is for Zac who has a brown and orange feline.  I'm making him another one in gray, so I'll soon make up for lost time with all these cat mosaics.

Kitty heart.

Kitty head.

Kitty tail.

Amy's Deer Head

Amy's custom deer head is for her bedroom.  White with some gold mixed in.

Amy in rustic Scrabble letters.

This button was a must.  I had set it aside for the piece, forgotten about it, and removed some things to make room for it once I was finished gluing everything down.

Cream rosette.

Gold-toned key.

I painted the sides in gold to give it some pop.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Week's Projects

Gonna break some dishes this week.  Got my shapes cut out and I'm ready to go.  Only one 3D piece is on the books - an old school coffee pot turned fresh flower vase for a Zaarly fundraiser.  All the rest are of the 2D variety.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wonder Woman

This name tag is for my friend, Lisa.  We've been friends since about the seventh grade at Bleyl Junior High in Houston, Texas.  No other super hero would do!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I put the finishing touches on the last of the Craddock Terry Hotel pieces today.  They're headed for Virginia tomorrow!  Here's the actual hotel entrance.

And here's the mosaic.

 I wanted to mimic the 3D quality of the real shoe, so mine is a separate piece.


There are also some Victorian boots on the website I wanted to capture.

I hope the guests enjoy these and that some will want to take a piece home from the gift shop as a reminder of their visit to the Craddock Terry Hotel.