Monday, December 20, 2010

Last of the Year's Customs

I got the last of my holiday custom orders wrapped up.

I love to get minimal instruction and have the ability to just let it unfold. I was told, "she likes neutral colors and is sophisticated" for this one. . .

I'd love an entire set of the plate I broke apart for the top of this frame.

And for this one, "She loves black and white and some bling and family is everything".

Love the heart.

And this is for a little boy who obviously loves John Deere and as you can see from the upper right hand corner, has the key to his foster family's heart.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me, a Kansas City artist who loves to play with broken dishes.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Custom Christmas

A couple of years ago, a friend commissioned me to make a mosaic box for her husband featuring various comic book characters. This year, she asked me to do some for her brothers.

Jokers buried here and there and lots of bright joker colors.

And another with some Batmans - or is it Batmen?

Either way, these are fun to do and on their way to Denver now.

And I dropped this frame off this morning for Ken's girlfriend, Lisa. He gave me lots of fun stuff to incorporate. Once again, so much fun!!!!