Friday, December 17, 2010

Custom Christmas

A couple of years ago, a friend commissioned me to make a mosaic box for her husband featuring various comic book characters. This year, she asked me to do some for her brothers.

Jokers buried here and there and lots of bright joker colors.

And another with some Batmans - or is it Batmen?

Either way, these are fun to do and on their way to Denver now.

And I dropped this frame off this morning for Ken's girlfriend, Lisa. He gave me lots of fun stuff to incorporate. Once again, so much fun!!!!

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RM Guéra said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!
And may you keep on making these long, long years ahead.
Frame you made for me is at the center of the room (above the bar, so this speaks for itself also...), and simply doesn't manage to pass unnoticed. Most of the reactions are not "where did you buy this?", but "WHO made this?" comment.

Best to you from here