Friday, December 20, 2013

Still Truckin

I've got one more really cool, really large custom to make before Christmas.  Somehow, I've been able to keep up with it all!!  This tree is small, about 9" tall. 

I've been doing lots of letters lately.  I don't make many purple pieces because purple dishes are hard to come by.

My last snowman of the season.

Custom stag with hunting photos.

C for a little boy in blue gray with a splash of orange.

Pretty white cross.

Custom D in pink and grays.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Custom Harley Plaque

Just delivered this one today!  Mosaic within a mosaic to make it really pop and to give it some depth.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Custom Post For Barbara

This post is for Barbara, to show her what I currently have in inventory.

Winged heart that says "PORK ME" and has two pigs in it.  Are you laughing, yet?  From tip to tip on the wings, it measures about 11" long and the heart is probably 4 or so inches high.

LIGHT MY FIRE.  This one's big, about 19" tall.

 It says "LIGHT MY FIRE"

and has a vintage lighter stuck in it.

Lips in red.  These are probably about 10" across.

Old tin - people used to put these little things in their friends' cigarettes and when they lit em', they'd let off a big bang.  Fun at parties!!

This is a chalkboard, about 11" tall, and it has four really strong magnets on the back so you can put it on a metal surface.

The cowboy boot is also a chalk holder.

And it has an ink bottle stuck in it.

Here's the back.

This is a little vintage garden trowel in yellow.  The back has no dishes so it sits flat.

This is a cowboy boot with a tintype of somebody that looked to me to be a FORD man.  This is made on 1/8" birchwood substrate, so it's not going to be thick like the ones you have.

Single switch plate in creams.

INSPIRE heart in greens.  This is also on a 1/8" birch substrate.

A mosaic pickle.  I ask you, why not??!!

Double switch plate in creams.

ROCK N ROLL BOOT with harmonica built on an 1/8" substrate form.  It has a harmonica stuck in it.

Pins and magnets.

This is a magnet.  We all know one of these.  You just know you have to have a couple more bottles of wine on hand than you normally would when she comes over.

Magnet with little chef bead.  These are not much bigger than a quarter, BTW.

Carrot magnet.

BAKED magnet.  Ha, ha.

WAG - this one is a pin.

PORN STAR.  Because it's important to dream big.  Another pin.

BAKED, another pin.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yes, More Teapots!

This batch went to Five Sisters in Miami, Florida.