Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Love Pink Teapots!

I've done these in pink before and they are fun, fun, fun!!


This used to be an earring - part of a great stash from my friend, Lora.

I love the details on the handle and the spout.

LOVE white heart.  The heart within the heart is actually a beat up belt buckle my friend Karen and I found at an antique mall.

I've done dozens of trees this holiday season and I really savored this one, probably the last of them at this point.

Another kitty.

I'm working on more switch plates and have orders to fill for friends, but the frantic pace of the holiday is behind me now.  I have really enjoyed building this business and expanding into wholesale!!


Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

1st love all of them. That teapot is exceptional.

2nd we are having a XMAS pot luck get together with all our friends next weekend and I decided to do 2 mosaics for our Santa take a way gifts. Everybody is asked to bring a snack and a gift costing no more than $10. I figure a handmade mosaic is definitely more than $10

Eccentricities said...

Ramona, I've seen the care and attention to detail you put into your mosaics, so giving them away as a $10 is very generous!! Thanks so much for the compliment on the teapot. I am grouting two more today. One is also pink, and the other is blue and purple. We'll see how them come together. I never know until they are grouted!!