Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Projects

This is just a quick update to show off the finished switch plate (below) that I made for my eye doctor. Switch plates are so much fun to do and add a splash of art where you weren't really expecting one. The magnet above was done awhile ago as a thank you to a gal who was kind enough to give me a cool plate that she had broken. I repurposed some of those pieces back into the maget since her grandmother had hand painted the plate.

I just love this Victorian gent. Real men aren't afraid of wearing pink.

I bought a kitchen table and chairs off of Craig's List and wanted to post this as a "before". I'm painting them black and my mom is currently recovering the seats in a canvas that will be sort of brown paper sack-colored. I then want to stencil something Frenchy on them in black. I looked into covering them with grain sacks but the really cool ones are super expensive and would end up cosing more than the entire set did in the first place. I think a home made version will be fun to do, especially since my mom's doing most of the work!


andrea said...

Can't wait to see these finished,sounds great. You find the coolest stuff!

Lori R. said...

Oh my you sure are busy just a few days before moving!!! Love the little magnet, and switchplate.

The Green Pea said...

Can't wait to see the finished set. Sandi

cconz said...

what do you use for an adhesive for the switch plates? They come out really cool!