Monday, May 11, 2009

I Heart Creepy Dolls

I want to start out with a HUGE thank you to Casey and Sloane Simmons, owners of Stuff in Brookside. Some time ago, they invited me to be one of their "Artists in Action" for the Brookside Art Fair. I had the pleasure of hanging out in the gorgeous weather, doing mosaics and talking it up with some awesome people. Here are Lori Buntin, super cute chick and artist extrodinairre (yes, Lori is with Hoop Dog Studios and the one who does the terrific dog chairs at Stuff), and The One and Only Casey Simmons. To say I had a blast at this event is an understatement!! I really really really (please) hope that Casey and Sloane allow me to join them next year! We received many requests for mosaic classes and have picked some dates, so check the Stuff website for more information coming soon.

And I actually got some things finished while on the sidewalk hanging out! Some of it was snatched off the table and bought just as I was finishing it. Thanks so much to everyone who came by to say hello!!!!

Now, for the title of the blog. The cottage has been for sale for about a month now and it's so difficult to live with everything stripped down and depersonalized! Gone are the rusty bird cages, the dress forms, the armless chalk cupie doll, and (most of) the tarnished silver. I haven't been junking because I really want to know what new space we're in so I can picture where everything will go. I feel like my life is on hold!

But today, I could stand it no longer! After spending some time with Sweet Repose I felt inspired and cruised on over to the Mission Road Antique Mall for just a few precious moments. I found this wonderful doll . . . (it was music to my ears to hear Jason dryly say: Great. Another creepy doll).

A funky, rusty bucket . . . (the rustier, the better) . . .

And this holy water dispenser. If you were raised Catholic, you may remember these by the entrance of the church. I thought it would look so cool on the wall in a cluster of antique photos and empty frames. I can hardly wait to decorate that new space, no matter which one it will be. This week I'm going to ask some blog owners if I can post some of their photos to show you where I'm drawing some of my inspiration. I feel like I want to go truly funky French country with at least some of the rooms in my new house. I don't know how some of these people featured in magazines with children do it with cream, light gray and white decor. Come on?? My children eat corndogs (not the vegetarian child), chocolate chip cookies, and fruit roll ups. What planet are these people from where their perfect children make nary a mark on all of that light furniture? The Stepfords, we are not.


Sweet Repose said...

I too heart creepy doll heads!!! So did Donna of Curious Goods in Malakoff Texas...she ordered a pair of baby doll eyeball cool is that...ok, so we're strange, isn't it great, us artsy types only grow more flamboyant with each raised eyebrow.

Living alone has given me the freedom I crave to decorate my shack just the way I like it...ahhhh, life is good(just ask the dog)!


Altered Glass said...

okay this is too weird. I just happened upon your site through "mosiacs" in your profile and as I am reading you mention "Sweet Repose". I actually just saw Sharon today. She is the one that got me started blogging. SMALL WORLD ISN'T IT!!! Love your work, added you to my favorites...I will be visitin'...