Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mosaic Machine

Jason got an ipod for Christmas and it has revolutionized the way I do mosaics. I have found that I create my best stuff while listening to podcasts of "This American Life". The Pixies and old Prince also work well. The Velvet Underground usually inspires monocramatic pieces of black or gray. I turn up the volume and submerge myself in the tile adhesive and grout.

This skull toothpick thing came from an antique show mom and I went to last weekend. It doesn't have to be Halloween; skulls are good all year round if you ask me.

The flower in the top left corner is actually a place card holder from the same antique show. The brass tag is fun. I have only four left, so I must use wisely.

Picked up the brooch at Miss Frenchies.

After the antique show, mom and I hit a couple of thrift stores. That's where I found this strange little dear. I am digging the vintage feel. Just a sprinkle of glitter pulls the frame together and furthers that vintage feel.

Mom gave me a weird look when I picked up the dear but she thinks he looks at home on this frame.

And the back of the frame.

Dash helped me out tonight while I grouted some things. He likes the paint and glitter and he's pretty good about steering clear of all the boxes of broken dishes. The basement is not exactly child friendly.

He was making this one for grammy.

I pulled apart an old folding ruler to make the roof of this birdhouse.

And anyone who collects buttons knows that these little plastic white ones accumulate quickly. I was glad to put some of them to use.

Excuse the floor grate. I took these at night and needed all the light I could get. I hate using the flash on the camera. I made this lamp recently and am still looking for the right shade. The cameo brooch is from the Mission Road Antique Mall.

This is a fun pin fashioned after the covered wagon at Southwest Trafficway and Westport Road.

I'll take another pic when I find the right shade. Now, on to the next project!!!


Beth Leintz said...

Wow- you are proflific and your stuff is so much fun- it all tells a story! Good luck at Stuff- its a fun store.

dawn said...

Wow, look at all those tubs neatly sitting on the shelves. I'm so proud of you!! :D

andrea said...

OOH! I love the skull switch plate. Is that going to STUFF?