Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

I'm trying to get back into the mosaics swing of things. Here's a frame I finished up this weekend.

I used some of the new great plastic beads that Jason got me for my birthday. The white flower on the bottom right was part of that stash.

The frame says "HOTTIE".

I got the ruby prisms at the Mission Road Antique Mall this week. I see lots of clear, but never red, so I was really excited about using them.

The tiny bottle came from a friends yard sale awhile back.

And here's the back finished in red and black paper. This one is going to Stuff this week.

A woman at work is expecting a baby in February she is naming Isabella. I made this "I" for her in pink and lavender. The flowers on the top left are made of polymer clay.

I named this post adequately; I wanted to share some more pics of our Alabama trip. Jason's father's family owns some land and we visited the creek over the holidays. What a wonderful, peaceful setting. Here are the boys: Jason, Dash, Lee, and Brendan.

Believe it or not, this is an unaltered photo of an icicle that looked just like a bird. This was perfect timing because most of the time we were in Alabama, it was up over 70 degrees.

And another angle.

Not exactly a tiny little creek; the water was really rushing.

We were there for an entire week which gave us plenty of time to just hang out and relax. Here are Maw Maw and Dash making candy.

Look closely at the singing elf in the back. This was on the porch at Will and Pyllis' house (Jason's brother and sister-in-law) on Christmas day.

Dash acting goofy.

Will dressed up as Santa and Dash immediately confessed, "Santa, I'm sorry I've been soooo naughty!" No kidding -- that was without prompting!

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That icicle is amazing!!!!!!!