Saturday, January 10, 2009

Broken Hearts Club

Very soon, the owners of Stuff in Brookside will annunce a special Valentine's Day promotion!

I'll be in the store from 10 - 6 on Saturday, January 31st taking orders for custom mosaic Valentine's hearts.

Bring in that dish of your grandmother's you broke but won't throw away, a keepsake that only you and your best friend understand, the pocket watch you love but that no longer keeps time, and I will repurpose your pieces into a custom made, one-of-a-kind mosaic Valentine for that special someone (or yourself!!)!

Maybe you're not the standard red or pink heart-type. Maybe you want a black, orange, or turquoise heart. Maybe you want a message that's sweet, provacative, racy or raunchy. As the wife of comic book writer Jason Aaron, rest assured I am NOT easily offended!!

Two sizes will be available. The ones pictured above are about 6.5" tall. The larger size, not pictured, is 12" tall and will be available in a standard heart or folk art (skinny) shape without the beveled edge.

I am really looking forward to talking with customers face-to-face about what they want. When I get a call about a custom order from Stuff, I always have about ten more questions I'd like to ask the customer so I can get the order just right. Do you like buttons? Vintage jewelry? The color orange? Dinosaurs? Headless baby dolls? You get the idea.

Maybe someone has the key to your heart . . .

or you want someone to know you'll love 'em forever . . .

you can say it with a custom made mosaic heart designed especially for the one you love (or hate, remember, I can include any message!) . . .

If you live outside of the Kansas City area, the staff at Stuff will gladly take phone orders, so give them a call at 816-361-8222!


suzeeez said...

Your heats are great ...what an imaginative idea!

Sundi said...

What an awesome opportunity Kelly! I hope you get flooded with orders...I know you'll manage to turn some of your customers in to friends! :) It is just the way you are - You ROCK!

Create an amazing day!

dawn said...

These are awesome!