Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trail of Broken Hearts

Well, I delivered this batch of mosaics to Stuff recently in anticipation of Valentine's Day and the promotional event I wrote about on the last post.

Sure, most of these might not be fit for your grandma, but I can make one that is!

The "kiss the cook" heart features some of those great little chef beads I love from Smudgie Bear on Etsy. Just a touch of red glitter gives that heart some zing. And the big flower in the "you are my sunshine" heart is from a great stash of junk my Etsy friend, Becky, brought down from Wisconsin a few months ago.

The "sexy" heart is packed full of those great plastic beads Jason got me for my birthday. I just ordered another round off of Etsy. I am really enjoying the plastic fan and feathers. I don't sew, but I love wooden spools and the color blue.

Just a little pink glitter was added to the "princess" heart. In the yellow heart, I finally found a good place to use the asprin tin. If you shake it, it's still full of asprin.

Another shot of "sexy".

I'll have to find more ways to use the chef beads I love so much.

Porcelain flowers broken off of something from the Becky stash.

And another set of magnets. I glued a lamp tonight in all whites, silver, and gold. I'll grout and post that one soon. I'm also working on lots of new single switch plates, chalk boards, and frames. I want to build that inventory up before the 31st so I can have lots to show Stuff patrons when I'm there all day from 10 - 6. I'm going to an antique show with mom Saturday and am planning on stocking up on some mosaic-worthy stuff!!!

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Sundi said...

I wish you were going to be at Stuff during the week! I'd load up my car with some girlfriends during lunch and cart them down to see your magic! ::sigh::