Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sex Pot

Well, I've finally finished the first mosaics of 2009. This pale pink box is going to Stuff tomorrow along with some magnets and another trinket box.

I love old tintypes and mixing this stoic woman with the "Sex Pot" caption seems funny to me.

I could see someone like me buying this for a good friend. You can't buy a box that says "Sex Pot" for yourself; it has to be a gift for someone else.

The horse on the left was actually a cuff link. My Etsy friend, Becky, sent down a big stash of junk from Wisconsin with her brother who lives in the KC area and the cuff link was included. Becky really knows her junk!!
Here's the bottom of the box covered with decorative pink and gray paper.

I whipped up this magnet as a surprise for a woman at work. I'm excited about giving it to her! I have a mosaic lamp I need to work on along with a couple birdhouses. Lots to do in 2009. I'm also having my first mosaic party with several friends later this month. I'm not sure how sangria is going to mix with glass and broken dishes, but I'm willing to take a chance!


curiousgoods said...

I love the humor in your work..... the Sex Pot is great. Isn't it fun to see others get a smile from your art?
Hugs, Donna

andrea said...

This is cool, love the color! Im really into pink right now. I was at Stuff the other day, really liked the tall yellow candle holder.