Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

Before heading to St. Joe yesterday to shop, Dawn and I stopped to take some pics of the window at Stuff in Brookside.

I'm super excited about the fact that the window is devoted to the promotional event I'm doing on the 31st. Here's the sign letting customers know that they can order their custom hearts today!

Meet the artist January 31st!! That's ME!!!

Some hearts in the window.

I dropped off more hearts today. Let's just say I got the post-apocalyptic look I was going for here and leave it at that.

A closer shot of "Our love will never die."

I think every girl should have a crustacean on at least one switch plate in her house, don't you?

Sorry these got out of order, but here's another shot of the window at Stuff.

Just one more!

Here's one of the big hearts I dropped off this weekend. This one is 12" long.

I had this Victorian figurine for a really long time and I was excited about using it in this piece.

Here's another 12" heart that says "swim in my ocean" and features some koi fish.

The combination of red, pink, and orange was dictated by the koi fish I used. I may do another one eventually with the fish and a blue background.

I snuck in another little magnet this weekend. I think the next thing I'll work on are some picture frames. Off I go to the basement!

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