Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the Dove Wing Diner

The Dove Wing Diner is the latest of four Spring birdhouses I have created this season. Step inside for a casually elegant dining experience featuring our earthworm tar tar with dirt chutney and fresh beatle.

The funky, rusty brooch encircling the perch was snagged recently at the Penn Square Antiques Mall in St. Joe. Ahhhh . . . how I would love to be there right now.

And some interesting odds and ends, all in creamy white, to get that Frenchy old world feel I was looking for with this house.

And as I was antique mall shopping/daydreaming, I got the idea for spoons for the roof. Still unsure of how to cut and bend them, I decided to include them unaltered.

And a slathering of grout completes the look. SOLD

And meet my new man. Thanks so much to Barb at Sister's for allowing me to shop her blog and for shipping this baby from Iowa to KC. I'm taking very good care of him, Barb.

Found this fab certificate at W.D. Pickers, dated 1874. I am so curious about the history of people and just what did this little baby do with her life?

And one of my most favorite antique mall finds, again from dealer #11 in St. Joe - I'm waiting for just the right mosaic piece to feature this one.

And some more fun odds and ends. I'm already plotting about my next birdhouse, the Magpie Mansion, complete with wonky additions sticking crookedly off of one another and lots of dangling chandalier prisms. The Magpie's are the "crazy" people on the block, don't you know.


Sweet Repose said...

LOVE cute with the spoons!!!

Delivered everything to Sisters' and she loved and what's not to love, they were all so cute!!!

I think I need to do some serious shoppin'...been a while!

Later Ms. Magpie...

Chickens in the Basement said...

Oh my! I love your birdhouse. Now that I see what you are making, I'll throw in some surprises with your prisms. Worm tar tar, YUM! The first time I saw Skippy eat a worm, I thought I would throw up!