Thursday, April 8, 2010

This and That

This warmer weather has given me some renewed energy. I was down in the studio (basement dungeon) last night working on Magpie Mansion, the next birdhouse in the series. I also got the child's mirror and some switch plates shipped up to Sharon in Iowa for her to lug to Sister's along with her own treasures.

I got the elephant a few weeks ago while I was junkin' during the few fabulous days I had off. And of course, I do love to make switch plates.

I got this little shelf on my junkin trip to Welda, Kansas last weekend. Home made and lots of personality. The brown was cool, but I thought it needed to be lightened up . . .

So I spray painted it silver and then sandpapered a good deal of the paint right off. I looked like the tin man when I was finished but it looks pretty cool.

Dawn and I really enjoyed our trip about an hour south and stopped in Garnett, Kansas on the way back. Although the little downtown square was empty and most everything was closed, we found a Chinese restaurant and a couple of antique stores.

And on Sunday, my family celebrated Greek Easter with some friends. Here are Dash, Michael, and the first fish Dash has ever caught.

Michael's mom, Mary, told me about this tapestry, it was made by nuns in Greece over 100 years ago.

And here is a cool old barn that sits on their property out in the country.

Tonight it's back to the studio for more birdhouse assembly and I have a few other fun ideas floating in my head. So many projects, so little time . . .

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Chickens in the Basement said...

The shelf looks great! With the silver paint scrubbed off, it makes the shelf look weathered. And that barn, oh, I want one in my back yard! Fun stuff!