Monday, April 12, 2010

Flowers in Bloom

The weather in Kansas City over the weekend was fantastic! It really put me in the state of mind I needed to knock out some garden flowers to send to Sister's in Iowa.

It's fun coming across old tins in thrift stores and garage sales. I can't often afford the ones I find in antique malls, but sometimes I do luck out. Brendan helped me pick out the center for the one below. It's made of a cool wedgewood blue tin.

Anything with an English AND a fruit cake reference is bound to be awesome.

I had never glued buttons to the leaves before, but I found a great two-part apoxy adhesive that will hold anything, so that's opened some doors. Wait until I post more of my progressively crazy birdhouses . . .

And here's a little of this and that from around the house. The fabulous Lori Buntin (not an artistic medium she can't master), picked the frame and matting for this great silhouette of Brendan from 1997 when he was 3!

When I was junkin in Welda, KS a couple of weeks ago, I bought a jar of shells and was stoked that this little doll was hiding inside!

I got the "FLOWERS" letters on Ebay.

And here's another junkin find from Welda. My heart nearly stopped when I spied it from across the room for $10!!!! Original frame and the picture is on some kind of canvas that has deteriorated perfectly! Who were these people? I would love to know.

And along with my metal flowers, I got some real ones planted this week, too. I skipped right over the pansies, so I'm hoping our nights will be warm from here on out.

I decided to keep my Valentines out for awhile, no need to confine them to February.

I am very into concrete chickens as of late . . .

Jason took me to a place called The Garage Cafe in Birmingham (Alabama, not England) once. They had all kinds of crazy antiques laying around outside in a garden setting. We're working on our own "Garage Cafe" in the backyard so I've been collecting some interesting odds and ends.

And the very best part about my weekend was hanging out with my nephew, Kiran. So cute! Just look at those chins!

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Sweet Repose said...

Great stuff it all, wish I could get down there and play with yer the cement chickens, I'm all about cement too!!!...especially chickens!!!