Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick Fix

I started home last night and my car just mysteriously steered me toward The Curious Sofa.

This chair would be great in my living room. She actually had two!

Loved these old Frenchie chairs. I wouldn't change a thing! (Love the old drawers, too)

Perfect garden chair.

Petite iron stone.

And now that I've found my family room chair, I need to work on a sofa. Hmmmm . . .


Cave Creek Antiques said...

What a wonderful shop!!!

andrea said...

Boy, would I love a sofa from there! Until I have a room to myself in the house where I can shut the door from the kitties, I'll have to just dream about it!

cconz said...

That shop looks wonderful!! I've seen your beautiful work at sisters and the candle shed. Love the switch plates. I have been neglecting my mosaics. Need to get back in the swing.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

That is my kind of shop! How do I get there from Califorina. Thank You for sharing the great pic's. And Thanks for stopping by our blog..Julian