Monday, April 19, 2010

The Weekend Was Like Buttah

I was able to put the finishing touches on my buttah dish this weekend.

I found the cute cow on Ebay.

I used some fun buttons I got from Anna, a new friend I met on Etsy. Yeah!

No one on the block will have a buttah dish quite like this one.

And also from Anna, these great plastic prisms that look awesome on a switch plate and maybe even on a fancy birdhouse next.

I also did some rearranging.

Jar o' frozen Charlotte parts . . .

Great baby found on Etsy.

And I moved my great mannequins from the living to the family room for everyone's viewing pleasure. Ha. (Found the great iron fenial at Antiques on Broadway).

And I am in love with this antique flamingo painting found at . . . where else? The Curious Sofa, of course. Dana pointed out the weird phantom flamingo that didn't quite get painted, very strage. I would love to know the story behind that one. All in all, such a fantastic weekend!


sassytrash said...

You are DA BOMB!!! No joke...I love your are really awesome!!!

Chickens in the Basement said...

The butter dish is fabulous! How do you get it all to stick together? You're a talented girl!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Kelly, I'm intrigued with your art work, the Buttuh dish is really fun!

andrea said...

I freakin love the butter dish!!