Wednesday, March 17, 2010

100th Post Giveaway!!

Well, I've been puttering along on this blog for awhile now. Sometimes I go all out and sometimes it goes neglected for a stretch; I am just not consistent. However, I do enjoy it and have met some wonderful friends in blogland who share my love of oddball interior design and artistic expression. I'm going out on a limb and doing a 100th post giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post and I will randomly choose a winner from all 2 of you (ha)! The prize will be a mosaic single switch plate. The one pictured below was a custom job and is just an example and not the prize, that's a surprise. So go on, you have nothing to lose, humor me and leave a comment already! Winner will be selected on Tuesday, March 23rd.

I taught some mosaic classes this week and was lucky enough to have Mary Kay Porter, artist extraordinaire, join me. I just love the frame she did with the chunky grout showcasing bits of silver and black dishes, buttons, and beads with just a splash of icy blue. It was so fun chatting with Mary Kay about art and life.

Here are some wonderful examples of Mary Kay's work that can be found at Stuff, 316 W. 63rd Street in Brookside. If you are remote, call Casey or Sloane at 816-361-8222 and order you up some Mary Kay Porter creations!

I love her tongue-in-cheek style. A girl after my own heart.

And if you ever read this blog, you understand my love of baby doll heads and dress forms.

I am just naturally attracted to her fabulous work.

Gotta get some of these legs for my buddy Jessie Hopeless.

And as I was walking around Stuff last night, I took a pic of this teapot I covered in brightly covered bits of whatever I could get my hands on. New stuff is coming to Stuff. I was up early cranking out the mosaic goodness. Thanks for your support!


elle said...

ooooo...I'm first, I'm first. I'm glad your mo-mojo (that's mosaic mojo) is coming back, feels good doesn't it?! and I totally love that when I read your blog, it comes out as your voice in my head. Oh, and my besties at kdog photo are shooting Jessie for Her Life magazine! Worlds collide!

dawn said...

I have to admit, the decapitated doll head necklace is pretty awesome.

Hopeless said...

The only thing creepier than a doll head is a doll head with shit written on its forehead.

If I know Jessie, we'll have 3 or 4 of them by the end of the week.

And if I know my luck, I'll still have a boring plastic switch plate.

Love your work and your blog and your friend's creepy ass doll heads.

Kavitha said...

I love the birdhouse with the penny shingles. Too bad I hate birds. :)

aparks said...

Awesome work. Thanks for the inspiration, and the nightmares.

Lynne said...

What creative work! Thank you so much. lynne at fairpoint dot net

Lisa said...

You are so talented! And I love your funky taste and witty commentary! But I agree with Hopeless - the doll heads are creepy.

andrea said...

Hey there! I was excited to see that you blogged today and even more excited to read about this giveaway, throw my name in the hat please.

jessie said...

Yay! I love giveaways!

Also: That teapot is the bee's knees.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, You know you've inspired me with your creativeness.

Lisa Nelson

Jason Aaron said...

I am posting here eventhough I do not need a free mosaic switchplate or any more creepy baby doll heads. We're all stocked up at my house.

Lanette said...

Miss Kelly I'm soo happy to leave a comment on your blog b/c I want to inform everyone who doesn't already know what an amazing gal you are!
Mom & I had a BLAST taking your mosaic classes and thank you soo much for being so awesome!!

LOVING my switchplate, but boy would it be cool to have a professional one =)