Saturday, March 20, 2010

Enjoying My Time Off . . .

I took a few days off to relax and get some mosaics done. I hadn't been antique mall shopping in a long time and have made up for it over this break. Here are some fun things I found at the River Market Antique Mall and at Sentimental Journey in Olathe.

The wild dog is for Brendan's room. It's signed on the back by a boy scout and it says 1955 Troup (sic), Kansas City, Kansas. I'm not sure if 1955 is the year or troop number, but I thought it was cool just the same.

I love the religious figurines and tiny perfume bottles

This tin is great. I actually picked it up at DAV on Wornall a few days back.

I am always interested in the way things are styled and I dig the unique booths. The next four photos are from the same one.

The tag said "black Jesus".

This booth was awesome.

And another . . .

There's a guy named Donnie on the third floor at the River Market and I love everything he has.

This was a mortuary practice head. The sign talked about the 93 year old mortician who described the history of why it was necessary.

This was a work table from a Kansas City, MO fire department.

Barber shop pole.

Piece from a carousel.
The shading on this frame was fabulous, almost looks like frosting.

I took Monday off, too and I'm already thinking about the next destination. Maybe this junky mall up in Claycomo, Missouri or I might just take a drive up to St. Joe. I wish I could do this every day!

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