Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mosaic Classes at Stuff

I just finished another round of mosaic classes at Stuff and I always have so much fun with my students!!!! Here is Whitney working on her mosaic plaque.

Whitney come from a family of artists and is an artist herself specializing in many things, floral arranging being one of the things she loves. She has an eye for the bold and unusual -- a girl after my own heart!!

Joanne works at Stuff and does hair and makeup for performers at such venues as the Lyric. I love surrounding myself with creative people!!!

Whitney chose turquoise and red elements for her plaque. When it came time to do some finishes, I suggested neutrals, but she wanted to go BOLD for the grouting and painting the edges of the piece. She considered lime green, orange, red, and blue, but finally settled on hot pink -- I NEVER would have thought of that.

It was all coming together beautifully . . .

I snuck this shot in before she started grouting. When you sign up, you have to choose two class dates, one to glue and one to grout. In the first session, Whitney had mentioned loving Bailey's (me, too!!), so I had to bring her a bottle.

Gold was another interesting color she tried, both muted and bold, before settling on the hot pink.

The way she grouted really fit the piece, kind of funky and imperfect -- it's hard to explain, but she has an obvious eye for this art.
And the finished product. She added some dots of pink throughout the piece within the grout.

Total Americana theme with the cowboy, Campbell's Soup dish, and Mount Rushmore.

We debated about spraying it with laquer, but ultimately thought this piece was meant to be "shiney". It was just themed and colored in a way that called out for it.

Once again, a great round of mosaic classes at Stuff. After the holidays, I'll talk with Casey and Sloane about the next round if they're willing. I have had many students now and all have left with pieces they love, including Whitney. In fact, she is going to make more on her own!


Lori R. said...

FUN!!! I would be so signing up for your classes, if only you were closer!!!

Anonymous said...

hey there, yes fun and inspiring, there will be no crying over broken milk jugs!