Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Should Know Better

I should know better than to go to the antique mall to find a Dirty Santa gift . . . I picked this great pincushion doll for just that purpose, but she looks too cute on my foyer table.

I think she's going to have to stay.

I did not buy my cherub tonight, I just thought he looked so cute next to the table. I bring him inside for the winter where he will be nice and toasty and NEVER in the garage!

I put my older chalk kewpie with no arms, not to be confused with my newer chalk kewpie with no arms, on the mantle with the antlers I found tonight. I've been wanting some antlers for a very long time and these were perfect. There was another one and I'm afraid I will have to return to the mall to take it home.

I always make a b-line to Beth Leintz's booth at the Mission Road Antique Mall (where I got the pincushion doll) and felt my heart beat faster as I walked up tonight! Not one, but TWO great boudoir dolls! Many of these dolls are French are were made between 1920 and 1940 not for children, but for grown up ladies to adorn their beds. Now I'm not sure Jason will go for that, so I have put them on prominent display in the family room. My mother-in-law is going to flip OUT!

Isn't she lovely against my newly papered shelves?

And I put this wonderful doll on an old English military chest. Dash asked me why her face was, "all cracked up". Doesn't he get it by now?!

Her little shoes appeared to have been made with wood and paper. How excited am I?

And I posted a pic of a shallow little wooden bowl I found at Savers a few nights ago and here it is all done up in pinks, grays and black. I got this great pin in St. Joe at the Rusty Chandelier.

I think the button came from a bag of goodies I bought a long time ago, again from Beth's booth at the antique mall.

Look at the gray and white china toward the bottom of the bowl. It was a print with old castles.

I kept the inside as-is, not wanting to paint over the wood. And below, I papered the bottom with an old pattern. This bowl will be making its way up to Iowa soon to be with Sharon at the Junk Asylum. Now off to the studio to make more!


Beth Leintz said...

Oh, I'm so tickled you got both dolls- I love how you have the undressed one posed- very saucy. I loved that the doll with the green dress still had her shoes, too. It's fun to see where some of my favorite "finds" actually find homes. Thanks so much for the shout out!

(Now I've got to read your post about the Glore Museum- everytime I'm in St Joe and see the sign, I'm curious about it)

Sweet Repose said...

I have a good friend that collects the French dolls and also does mosaic and stained glass and everything else artsy, Cathie, This Girls Art...

What a fun trip to the asylum, how interesting and creepy, I love it of course, as do you my quirky friend. I'm starting to wonder about us(dolls with no arms)...and by the way, thank you so much for the card, what a hoot, I'm still chuckling...I want Brendan's hair...and your husbands horns!!! LOL!!! The necklace is perfect, I better get busy and make some more, this weather may help with that if I'm stranded.

Lorie's last day at the mall was yesterday, now she's in a mad rush to start tweaking, but this crazy weather has got me on hold, don't want to drive North of I-80 and that's where the shop is...sooooo...I'm workin' at the Shed today.

I hope you and your wonderful family have a glorious Christmas and wonderful new year to come. Your mosaics will be set in and around my booth with the soaps and junk...to die for!!!

Talk at cha later sweetie!!!