Friday, December 18, 2009

Thrift Store Inspiration

I decided to take some advice from Vintage Sue and do some thrift shopping. My a$$ needs to be home filling some custom mosaic orders, but a quick stop at one place on the way home from work couldn't hurt, right? It was worth the trip!

This was the first thing I picked up. It looks like it may have been a coaster at one time and is all rusty on the bottom. I love the way the material is stained along the outside.

I can't get enough of silver plated anything! Love these pieces, especially the dark one.

And I have one banged up ice bucket I love to use, but needed to borrow another from my mom last weekend for a large party. now I have two and won't need to bug mom. It has a few good dents in it. If you ask me, they add character, but I do have one of Sharon's original Cracked-in-the-Head nightlights, so judge for yourself!

The guy checking me out said, "Wow, this silver thing will be really cool once you clean it up!" Umm . . . okay. I don't even disagree anymore. I still get strange looks when I buy dishes and tell them not to wrap them because I'm just going to go home and break them. Maybe they think my husband is just very unlucky! I love the primitive looking bowl. I hesitate a little, because it is so neat, but I think it will be getting a mosaic make over and heading to Iowa in the next shipment. The chippy chicken came from DAV on Wornall a few days ago. Okay, this wasn't my first thrift store trip this week, I admit!

This candle holder was really funky. Looks like it was put together with a mig welder! It actually reminded me of something Sweet Pea might have. Check out Shelley's blog for inspiring and frankly jaw-dropping designs using creams and chocolate. LOVE IT!

I needed some place mats and thought these were so sweet with their simple cross-stitched design. How long will they last with the four year old's mac-n-cheese and fruit gusher snacks? Better stick with black for every day use.

This table cloth isn't quite big enough, but it works. I say again and again on my blog that it is such a relief not to be striving for perfection. It works fine on this table and will be even better on a smaller one I have for the patio. Jason and I are planning a party for February, but I am already looking forward to the Spring!

And I loved the vintage 70's look of this table runner. I am so attracted to anything black and white, just like a bee to a flower. I can spot it a mile away. Now I am off to the studio to get those custom orders knocked out!

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