Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ready for Iowa

I have my first shipment to Iowa packed up and will venture to the post office tomorrow. Thanks again to Sharon of Sweet Repose and The Junk Asylum for chiseling my stuff out of the many layers of bubble wrap and for spinning her wonderful merchandising magic to display it all. The switch plate above is made with a great brass tag I got at a show last year.

This is a tiny keepsake box. Tintypes are one of my many favorite things.

Just enough room for some tiny treasures.

And I had a baby shower for my fabulous sister-in-law today and made her this plaque that simply says "baby". The brass roses are a drawer pull. I drilled a hole in the wooden plaque and glued it in place.

And the back of the plaque done in some fun scrap booking paper. I'm working on a bird house that will be part of the next shipment but for now, a nap is the most constructive thing I will be working on.

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Sweet Repose said...

WOW...just got the package and I'm out the door to the Asylum...don't know about you, but that just sounds weird...LOL...I'll open with Lorie, she's all excited!!!

There's a lot of interest in what's going on up there, the word is spreading really keep your fingers n toes crossed that we're a huge success!!!

See ya and THANKS!!!