Monday, December 7, 2009

BINGO, Baby!!

My friend Laura interviewed me at a place called Aquila Energy back in 2000. I walked out of that interview thinking, "I might not get this job, but I will always be friends with that girl." Seriously. And Saturday night, I attended the 10th annual Girl's BINGO Bash at Laura's house. I didn't know her for the first one, but I haven't missed one, since!

Laura went all night with no BINGO and then won the cash for the blackout round!

Diana, Elise, and Angela having fun. Everybody loves that microphone.

Laura and Angela.
Terry and I sit together most every year so we can ham it up. She only looks like she's sleeping quietly.

Laura's mom, Deb, always helps her deck her house out for the holidays. I love it all!

Deb took some antique tin out of her garden for this display. I do believe she likes antique tin almost as much as I do.

And a wide shot of the mantel. Before heading to Laura's, I stopped at Gina and Suzie's open house. Here's Gina looking so cute in an apron (tutu) that her friend, Mary, brought her. So cute!

Suzie and Jeanie having fun. Jeanie and her husband like to watch House Hunters International and we had so much fun talking about our favorite episodes!!! We decided we'd have to be millionaires many times over to live in Paris so we could afford something larger than the 450 square feet, 7 figure apartments in the Sixth District!!

What a spread Gina and Suzie had. Everything was wonderful!

Fabulous art.

And the features and architecture in this house are amazing. Great vintage sink.

This little building in the backyard is right up my alley. I wouldn't change a thing!

What newer home has these kinds of details?

Unbelievable mantel.

I am really fortunate to have so many wonderful friends. Happy holidays!

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