Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This and That

I just love this holiday shot of the boys and had to share it. I'm not the kind of mother who's gonna put my kids in matching outfits in front of a glamorous backdrop. Boy, would Brendan appreciate that. At least I wiped the pizza sauce off Dash's face before taking the picture.

I LOVE my new scale -- check it OUT!!! A very special someone who knows how much I love The Curious Sofa took a special trip there just for me to find it!!

It's just the perfect shade of light turquoise and looks really cool with the greenery.

I like to display things on top of these little scales, but for now, I just wanted to enjoy it for it's own special detail, the needle, the wavy base -- these old food scales make me happy.

I made some Santa boots and stuck one in with the wreath and the duck decoy. I got the old washtub at a flea market in Paola, KS.

I got an order this week from Sharon at Sweet Repose and she included some of her wonderful soaps, milk n' honey and lavender.

And I needed a couple more candles from Friend's Candle Shed. I got chestnuts n' brown sugar and pumpkin crunch cake. These candles fill the whole house with the greatest smells, you'd think I was actually baking something, but no.

And here I am with one of Sharon's great necklaces that I admit was supposed to be for someone else until I decided to keep it for myself. I am 40 years old today and I deserve it!

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