Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Art

I've been very busy again tonight making stuff like crazy in preparation for my first shipment to Iowa. Whew. This is a miniature garden flower. My others are about twice as large. This one would be fun stuck in with a house plant.

I made it out of a tin that once held cinnamon black tea and the metal is still intensely scented, even after the coat of clear gloss. I also got three Santa boots and a bunch of candy canes cut out of aluminum flashing. These will also be riveted onto copper tubing and used as stakes. It was so cold in the garage, the spray paint wasn't drying, so I moved them indoors and will have to finish them later.

Above is a table plaque adequately describing me, anyway, "Junk Addict". Tired junk addict is more like it right now.

I got the Victorian woman at the Jessie James Antique Mall in St. Joe, MO, I believe. After awhile, you accumulate so much junk it all runs together. Not sure where I picked up the ink bottle and ointment tin.

The letters are from a game that predated Scrabble called Anagram. I found some at the River Market Antique Mall and then picked up a large stash at a show in Lee's Summit last year.

The cherry was from a plate my friend Becky in Wisconsin sent down for me. I met her on Etsy and she has family in town. Every time one of them comes back from seeing her, she sends them with lots of great junk for me. Thanks, Becky!!!

This switch plate features a cool clip. I think clips like these were once worn on collars. I got it at the Rusty Chandelier in St. Joe.

And here's a recipe box, "Good Eats", I've been working on for awhile. Fun vintage fruit magnets on top.

I always finish off my boxes and chose a nice scrapbook paper for this one.

And as I was searching madly for my glitter that I never found, I came across these polymer clay ornaments I made in 2007. A burlesque gingerbread girl and a thigh high. Christmas doesn't get much better than this.

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vintagesue said...

see, your creations amaze me!!! i'm right there with you with having stuff i can't remember where it came from. i love your mosaics. i've never seen anything like them!!! hope you get some rest.