Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Improvement Project?

Since we moved in at the end of June, I've been unhappy with this built-in shelf because my stuff just seems to get lost in the dark wood.

The entire family room is paneled, but you don't notice it much because it's a great, neutral color. This neutral was obviously not extended to the back of the shelving.


I've been debating about what I would do with it. I ruled out painting because I wanted something more interesting. I thought about a cream on cream damask, but I thought that might be too refined, too blah. I picked up this old biology book from my friend Katie in the family garage sale we had in September. It belonged to her father-in-law.

It's a great old book with some neat and rather unusual pics. Perfect!

I found a syllabus from 1952 tucked in the book. How cool.

One more look at all that dark stained paneling before I take the plunge.

I considered papering cardboard and attaching it into the back of the shelving so it would be easy to change out, but the shelves fit in too tightly and I wasn't going to mess with sawing them down; I don't have those kind of power tools.

So I just said screw it and decided to use matte decoupage and glue the pages right on the paneling. After the drama of moving this summer, I will be leaving this house feet-first. I'm worth much more dead than alive and Jason can pay somebody to change it!

I was happy with the way it was coming together and used an interesting combination of images from the book. I was happy, that is, until my husband told me it looked like something out of Session 9, yes, a horror film. Something, he said, someone at the State mental hospital, might use to paper her room.

After a good laugh, he admitted that he liked it, even if it was a little weird. I mean, really, I have busted up baby doll heads and animal skulls incorporated into my decor. I am so happy that I have a husband who gives me full reign of the home decor. I couldn't have it any other way. I did tell him I wish my mother-in-law were here to tell me that she liked it. If something makes me happy, she is 100 percent on-board. How supportive is that?!

Great images . . .

And a few hours later, whala!

The wood stain really pulled it all together. And I love the way the stain really stuck in areas where I wasn't as liberal with the glue. It adds to the "funk".

And here it is complete with my stuff. I restyled some things and am thrilled with the way everything now pops with the new background.

Weird? You bet!
Here's my new leprechaun pipe. Jason said, "That must have been one big leprechaun."

Cool santos hand. I say cool, some might use other adjectives.

I got the little Santa brooch and some old fashioned ball ornaments from a shop called Fabu on 75th and Wornall. It will be closing in February as the owner is on to other adventures.

I've always loved this "A" from where? You guessed it.

I am so excited that I found the motivation to do this project (finally). Next, I have some wood furniture I need to paint. I'm thinking light gray and of course, I'll slather some antiquing glaze all over it to make it look as beat up as possible. There's a certain serenity in the fact that not everything in my house has to be perfect. Have I mentioned lately that I'm loving my new home?!


andrea said...

Very cool. You certainly are enjoying your new home!!

Anonymous said...

i love the way this looks I need to plunge at our house toooooooooo