Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy at the Midland

I've been neglecting my blog and have lots of updates, but I'll start with some of the great shows I've been to at the Midland over the last month. Three in one week, in fact! The most recent being The Pogues (image from Zeit Magazine). This was the first time The Pogues had visited Kansas City and maybe the last. Brendan was on the floor, front and center. Jason and I had great seats on the VIP level thanks to Andrew and Stacey. The show was fantastic!

Jason and I took Dash to see the Imagination Movers, a group of dads from New Orleans who sing and do skits for kids and adults alike. I was up and dancing at this one, but so were the other parents. Image found here.

Brendan and I loved David Sedaris. I introduced Brendan to this witty author a couple of years ago and he's read everything he's written at least twice. We waited for about two hours after the show to get books signed and David was kick ass; so friendly and funny. It's great when the celebs are everything you hoped they'd be and more. Image found here.

And I let Claudia talk me into going to Motorhead. I drug Brendan with me and WOW, what a place to people watch. I had never seen anyone with his inner ear tattooed until I went to this show and I have a friend who is a (fabulous) tattoo artist. The Reverend Horton Heat was great, but Brendan and I skipped out on Motorhead. The volume was so loud that the music was distorted and I didn't grow up listening to this band, so I apologize to fans, but I had no appreciation for what they were trying to do up there. Image found here.

I'm eager to get that next show on the books. If you haven't been to the Midland by AMC, it is fantastic and they let you in an hour before the show so you can get a Pale Ale and buy a shirt without ridiculous lines or $10 beers unlike another venue in town that shall remain nameless!

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