Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halloween Yard Art

I had a rough week and went through more than one of these bottles of Boulevard Double-Wide this weekend. Great, hoppie IPA if you're into that sort of thing.

I managed to get some mums planted last weekend and got my Halloween yard art out.

I just love cutting this stuff out of sheet metal. My friend Jenny gave me the idea to do candy canes for xmas, so I'll be busy making lots of those. They'll look better in clusters, some larger than others. It's important to add some color during the winter months.

I got these great antique gym baskets on Craig's List and this one looks cool with the mums and greenery just stuck in with the landscaping.

My friendly spider.

You can see my miniature spruce in the background. I've done a little planting but I have a whole lot more to go.

And above is the new color for the house, Antique Tin by Beher. I started off with Light French Gray below, but it was too powder blue for me.

I've decided I bit off more than I can chew with the house painting. Stucco is really hard to paint and the house goes to two stories in the back. I have someone coming in a couple of weeks to knock it out for me. It's going to really make the house pop. There was zero curb appeal when we bought the place.

I'm filling in one of the walls in my living room with thrift store and flea market art. Now all I need is a couch.

I made a few of these out of aluminum flashing for the Halloween season. Well, back I go to my organizing and pricing. My friend Katie has motivated me to have a garage sale in a couple of weeks. I have wayyyyyy too much junk.


andrea said...

Hey Kelly, I love the spider and double wide ale! And the pie you made in the last post is one of my favorites too.
I'm doing the Plaza art show in a couple of weeks. If you're out there I'll be in booth 244(right in front of Halls).

Lanette Stanfield said...

KELLY ~ it's Lanette Stanfield from CCP...remember me?? I stopped in at Stuff a couple weekends ago while shopping in Brookside w/ my mom and 3 month old baby =) Anyhoo, the whole time i was in the store it reminded me of you, and then i saw your booth and was SOOO excited for you!! Mom and i would LOVE to do a class sometime soon when funds can allow it, but until then i just wanted to say congrats and your blog rocks =)