Monday, November 16, 2009

Iowa Treasures

Well, I got all my cool finds unloaded, although not properly arranged, yet. If there's a proper way to arrange an animal skull and a decrepit doll head, that is! I thought Dash would be more freaked out by my "Cracked in the Head" nightlight than he actual is. He just thinks I'm silly.

I found all kinds of cool stuff on my adventure to Iowa.

Lots of great pictures for the wall in my living room I'm trying to fill with thrift store, flea market and antique mall finds. I found this one at Sisters Garden.

This one came from Sister's and is a Sharon Wilson find. The picture is faded to a weird iridescent glow. What a great frame on this one.

A nice collection, even a couple from that place where if Sharon told ya, she'd have to kill ya.

Great wooden reproduction bowl from Friends Candle Shed, coal bucket from that "secret location", and the spindles are from Manley's Antiques. The owner was kind enough to let us barge in long after he had gone home (upstairs from the shop!). The place was packed with amazing stuff.

I love old Santas.

The table came from Bloom. NOT functional -- the drawers stick and are warped, but who needs function when you have a sideboard like this? I can put lots of stuff on top, which is what I was interested in. Besides, my table and chairs are new and shiny and I wanted something to offset the clean stuff. Ha!

Skull is from Manley's complete with some teeth and big, giant eye sockets. Jason said I would flip if he tried to bring something like this home -- I don't think so!

Ahhhh . . . I love my new treasures. The candle is from The Shed in Muscatine and smells like carrot cake. I was going to give the baby doll to my mother-in-law, but I'm getting attached.

I love cement garden statues.

The bluish flower is a napkin ring.

These old ornaments are so cute.

I have a thing for these old scales.

And I had to include a couple more pics of my great nightlight. I may not be able to stop at just one. I guess it would be weird for the me to have one in my office.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You found some great things and meeting Sharon would be the highlight of my trip as well. You also went to all the places I only dream of getting to visit. Glad you had a great trip.