Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls Night Out

I had a few fabulous friends over on Friday night, girls only! I met Mel (second from left) and Lisa (middle) 20 years ago at KU. I can't believe that much time has passed! I've known Katie (second from right) almost as long. With the old friends always come new ones and I love hanging out with Michelle (left) and Teresa (right) -- although, come to think of it, I've been hanging out Teresa for years now, too.

Amber and Susan are Helzberg Diamonds (HDS) friends. Susan was also a sport and came to Rocky Horror with me (again!) last night. Brendan says that RHPS is the highlight of his month and I cannot deny him.

Diane and Suzie -- I was Diane's HR Manager awhile ago at HDS and it was fun to catch up.

From front, Teresa, elle (jewelry artist extraordinaire from Stuff), back row from left, Gina, Suzie, Jenny, Katie.

T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Everything went to hell in a hand basket when elle showed up with the sweet tea vodka.

Lisa and Teresa

Okay, this is Claudia being crazy in my plantation chair -- at least that's what I've been told it's called. Those wooden slats slide around back under the arm rests. The chair itself is caned and is in a permanent reclined position. It reminds me of something that Earnest Hemingway might have in his house in Key West. I subscribe to a magazine that has a "what is it and what's it worth" section where an antique dealer evaluates your piece and gives you some history about it. I need to take some good pics of this chair to send in. If you know what it really is (besides strange), please tell me! I got it at a garage sale a few years back for $150.

I made these garden flowers for Jenny. Thanks so much, Jenny for all of your business! She likes to give my stuff as gifts and I appreciate the artistic support!

I cut these candy canes out of aluminum flashing and attached them to copper tubing to stick in with my fake xmas trees.

I cut some out for the front door, too.

I restyled my foyer table and love mixing my old treasures with the new. I love my animal skull and polish bottle from Manley's Antiques in Muscatine, Iowa.

I made four pies on Thursday night. The one above was an apple for my party.

This is a cherry that was a prize for a contest at work on Friday. The vent holes say "#1".

Another cherry, this one for my girl's night out party.

And a banana cream for work that did not win first place, but the pumpkin bars that did were awesome!! What a fun and busy weekend with my great girlfriends and a big thanks to my husband for putting up with us all. He wasn't as excited as you think he may have been with nearly two dozen drunk women in his house, but what a good sport.

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