Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Boards

Okay, here's the next post of chalk boards. It must be obvious by now that I love to do these things.

This one is obviously for Dawn!! She commissioned me to make it for her mother-in-law. I love to do custom work!!!

I've had this Victorian couple for a long time now and needed just the right place. They will be happy forever on this chalk board.

I put several of those fab flower buttons in this board. I love the color mixture in the rusty old cup. (SOLD)

I'm always on the lookout for these little cups. Many of them were made by a company called Ohio Art. It's funny to think about lots of the toys they used to make for children. It seems obvious today that tin doesn't make an ideal material for a child's toy, but then again, neither does lead paint.

Very bright color combo.

I got the golden star burst brooch at the Goodwill on about 90th and Wornall. I am not lying when I tell you I come out of there with treasures EVERY time I go in. Yee haw.

And the ladies who work there are super nice.

This chalk holder is a weird fish vase. I got it while shopping in July with my hair stylist, Lisa, in Greenwood, MO. I've said many times that it sometimes takes awhile to decide where something should go. And then there's some stuff I use the second I get it home. Weird.

And it's pretty obvious from the looks of this board and what I've written on it that this one is not yet finished.

Love this chalk holder. Very shabby vintage pink boot.

Beat up domino from Old School Flea.

Perfume bottle from D's yard sale. I'll post this one later in the weekend after I finish it off and then all of these boards are going on Etsy. (Except for Dawn's!!!)

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