Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Fun

My mother-in-law, Betty, was in town for Halloween and as usual, Dash had a blast with her.

They raked up a huge pile of leaves and Dash would jump into them and scream, "I am leaf man!!" Pretty funny.

His cousin, Christina, got in on the action, too. By the way, even after bagging up all of these leaves yesterday, looking out there today, you'd never know I did five hours of yard work! Ugh!

As usual, Betty made Dash a fantastic Halloween costume. Here he is as Thomas the Train. Last year, she made him a scarecrow outfit and for his first Halloween, he was a little lamb. I think my mother-in-law is the bomb and her homemade costumes are just a small example of her generous and warm spirit.

I haven't been too hard at work on mosaics lately. I'm coming off of a bad cold, but here's an example of some magnets I made for work to go into prize packages for a costume and a bag decorating contest. I actually won the red and orange one back!

I did make a few single switch plates that are now posted on Etsy. Here's a very weird fish, maybe a trout, with the word FUN. Not sure why I felt that this fish was fun, but sometimes, I just go with the feeling. (SOLD)

Here's another one, a little less strange, maybe, that says PRETTY with a funky perfume bottle, an earring, and the usual vintage china.

This one has an old fashioned holiday light and says LIGHTS OUT. Good for a bedroom.

And lastly, another Buddha crept his way into a mosaic with the word PEACE. I can't remember where I got the large, golden brooch -- maybe Sparks.

I was looking through some pics and thought I'd post some of my favorite past projects. This rustic frame has a rusty cup and some old bottles. (SOLD)

A big, chunky, pink rose is stuck in the corner of this frame. (SOLD)

I made this one for goody bags for my brother's wedding shower back in March of 2007. It says YOU MOVE ME, and features a dump truck. Get it?

This is probably my favorite box. A cool chick named Karen bought it from me at the Spinach Festival last year in Lenexa. She knitted some awesome stuff and I bought a bunch of her stuff.

And this recipe box has a lobster stuck in it. Just another example of how I will cement anything into a mosaic! (SOLD)

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