Friday, November 21, 2008

Omaha Zoo

We took the kids to the Omaha Zoo last week and it was amazing. Despite many outdoor exhibits being closed, there are lots of indoor environments to explore.

These jellyfish were in a cylindrical tank and were mesmerizing. It's hard to believe they are living creatures the way they glow and float along.

This is a leafy seahorse. Creatures of the deep sometimes look like they're from another world.

This fish was huge!!

Penguins are always fun to see. The penguin display at the St. Louis Zoo still takes the prize as the best I've ever seen.

I won't make the obvious joke here.

Good thing Brendan had his hair to keep him warm, it was pretty cold outside.

Jas and Dash in a cave.

One of my favorite areas was one that displayed many creatures of the night. Here are some shots of the bat cave.

The bats are never all still at once, they continuously swarm the cave. Dash was a little frightened!

Another part of the creatures of the night display was this long bridge over water that was filled with alligators and beavers. These beavers were playing. I didn't realize they were so large!

These piggy-like creatures were in an indoor desert environment that went on and on.

A handsome bird.

We called this a "devil pig" and he was one of the most interesting looking animals at the zoo. Look at his long snout, red color and long, pointy ears. He looks like an animal that Hank III would have as a pet. An indoor pet, that is.

The monkeys and apes were awesome. This monkey knocked on the glass for us. In an adjoining room, two gorillas were chasing each other around, playing keep-away with a plastic lid. I didn't realize that Omaha was such a quick and easy drive from Kansas City. We will definitely visit this zoo again in warmer weather when all the outdoor areas are abuzz, but even in the cold, it was an amazing place.

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