Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

I had more trinket boxes to finish up this weekend in preparation for another Stuff drop. These take awhile to complete because after the gluing and grouting, the inside needs to be painted and the outside back and bottom need to be papered. Whew! This one says "TREASURE" in mini Scrabble letters I bought off of Ebay.

I've mentioned that I really enjoy these boxes because of all the things I can cram into them. Like the red button, perfume bottle, car, and bowling pin on the top of this one.

The purple flower is another button and I am really on a domino kick lately. I have several sets of those. Seems I can never accumulate too much junk.

Another button on the top left; some kind of plastic with sparkles inside. Another Old School Flea treasure.

A tiny spoon on the other side with a fleur-de-lis, and the white rosette is a button.

I paper the back and bottom for a nicely finished look.

This one says "GIRLY" in those same mini Scrabble tiles. That's a pink button on the right next to the doll. I've had it for months and have waited for just the right place. Very funky with pink plastic chips melted to the top. It looks like it may have spent a former life on a coat.

To accompany the doll arm on the top of the box, here's a doll leg. You can't tell from the pic, but it's quite a chubby leg. I love the dark blue perfume bottle and I'm always a sucker for dice.

You can't have enough perfume bottles on a box that says "GIRLY", so here's another. I also added a nautical button to this side. Once again, I was waiting for just the right thing for this button.

The gold swirly is a button and so is the purple plastic round object on the right with parts peaking through.

And the back is finished with some fun polka dotted paper. These boxes are worth the work and customers at Stuff really like them.

On Saturday, mom and I went down to the Mound City arts and crafts fair and met up with my cousin Janet and some other friends who live in that area. Janet is the country mouse and I'm the city mouse and we are always teasing each other, but I must admit the fresh breeze and open land where she lives is awesome. (I hope she doesn't read this blog because I won't live that one down!)

I was so happy to pull up and see Janet's friend, Becky. They have known each other since grade school and I remember going to Becky's bachelorette party about 15 or 16 years ago. Going is about the only thing I remember. My, how I've grown up . . .

We met up with Janet's friend Corina and her mom, Roberta. Corina's son, Colby, and Dash got in some basketball before our shopping extravaganza.

Once we got there it was super crowded. This picture does not begin to show that.

There were all kinds of cute Halloween things like this fun ghost.

I like the Halloween socks and the witch boxes.

This hand was great. It's a good thing I have no room in my house.

There was lots of jewelry, including these colorful charms.

And I always see this house on the side of 69 Hwy on the way down to Mound City. I told my mom on the way back that I was finally going to stop to take some pics.

I wanted so badly to look in the windows, but the grass was really overgrown and being a city mouse, I'm very afraid of snakes.

There was some cool detailing at the pitch of this wall. My mom and I wondered how long this house had been here and why it had been abandoned. It doesn't take long for homes without people to lose life, but I wonder how long this one has been empty.

And one more project this weekend; it wouldn't be a mosaic party at my house without a magnetized chalk board. Isn't this a great chalk holder?! This board says, "DOG POWER".

This dog looks very regal.

The bones are polymer clay.

And of course, I had to sneak in a button or two.

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