Monday, October 6, 2008

Hot off the Press

I was hard at work this weekend and although I still have a lot to grout (including three trinket boxes I will post later in the week), here are a few of the things I've been working on.

I did an orange fishy chalkboard a couple of months ago and ever since then, I've been on a hunt for fun fish to put in other mosaics. I found these gold, pink and white angel fish on Ebay.

The golden brooch in the upper left hand corner reminded me of seaweed, so where better to put it than with some fishes. I sometimes run across these pink Avon perfume bottles and I just love their shape.

One fish . . .

Two fish . . .

This little cup says "Mobile Home". I wish I knew why.

I like the bold color combination of turquoise and orange. Most of the time, I let the chalk holder steer the color pallet.

This tiny, rusty tin cup came from the Sparks fall show. It was hard to decide which part I was going to glue down and which would face forward. I have that trouble sometimes in my mosaic work with all kinds of objects. It's often hard to choose!

This tin on the upper right hand corner came from the Sparks spring show this year. The vendor was a really cool looking cat, probably in his 40's, with a bolo hat, bald, with a thin blond mustache. He said he had recently gotten laid off from selling industrial sewing machines. I was very disappointed that he wasn't at the fall show; he was my favorite vendor. I hope to see him in the spring.

These spent camera flash bulbs are the coolest. I purchased several recently from a friend's yard sale and I'll be sad when they're gone, but that won't stop me from using them up. You can also see a key in this picture.

I'm trying to stock up on switch plates in anticipation of the holiday season. I got this baby doll at the Sparks fall show. The flower is a button I got at Old School Flea. I bought a bag containing several and hadn't used them until now. Sometimes you can't picture how something is going to look until you use it and I love the way these flowers look so much that I used the only lavender one that was in the bag and another red one in two different trinket boxes that I'll post soon. I love the way the center held on to the grout. Maybe some people think the old plastic baby doll is weird, but if I had anyplace in my house to put it, I'd keep this one. Sometimes, the weirder the better if you ask me.

The Yardley of London perfume bottle here came from the friend's yard sale I mention above. For some reason, those bottle remind me of the powder room, so it had to go here.

I've made many switch plates with dangle earrings and they're really fun and unexpected. Wow, I can't imagine actually wearing these earrings!

And last, but not least, you may remember this flamingo's friend on another switch plate in an earlier post. That one was adopted and went to a good home and I liked the look so much, I put this little guy in his own switch plate. More to come. I was in a real mosaicing mood this weekend!

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