Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Extra Credit Cookies

Brendan made chocolate chip cookies last night for extra credit in his foods class. Me helping him with this assignment is scary, since I can't bake myself out of a wet paper sack and with cookies, I usually forget to add the eggs to the creamed mixture. Two missing eggs from a cookie recipe makes a big difference. Luckily, Brendan was paying attention.

I guess it would kill me to go out and buy a set of canisters from some time period other than the Vietnam era. Luckily, these are stored away in a cabinet when not in use.

Dash was awake for the finished product. Scroll down to see him napping while Brendan was doing all the hard work.

To get full credit, you have to clean the dishes. This was an unfamiliar pose for Brendan.

Dash wasn't much help while Brendan was mixing everything together. He fell asleep in his chair while eating a chocolate donut. It was fun to have Dash hanging out with us, but not barking his usual orders or singing loudly (and badly). He gets both of those traits from me.