Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homecoming, Mosaic Boxes, and Magnets

Brendan might be upset with me for this, but I had to include some pics of he and Nora before homecoming last weekend. So cute!!!

And outside of Nora's house.
Wil and Brendan.
And I had to include this pic of Wil and Brendan circa 2004. It's amazing what a difference four years make!!

I've been busy getting ready for another Stuff drop and working on some custom orders, too. Here's a round box I did for my dear friend Lori (who's been my friend since we met in Miss Parson's seventh grade art class!!!) This will arrive in the mail to her today along with another fun surprise that she is not at all expecting. Yeah!!!

As usual, I've crammed in a watch face, a key, a di, just anything I had laying around. Ahhhh, so many possibilities!!!

And the bottom of the green box. I have so much fun doing custom pieces.

Here's the next round box with the doll arm I got at the antique mall, a few earrings, and another watch. This one is currently in my Etsy shop.

And I've been working on some magnets with inspirational words. These are currently on Etsy and I'll be making more very soon.

This magnet was sold to Andee. Thanks, Andee!!! My fab mother-in-law gave me these sparkly birds. I've used one in a box, but I really like them on this magnet.

And here's another one of those great buttons I found at Old School Flea. I put several in a chalkboard I will be posting soon and will run out of them before long, but I can't help myself -- I must use them!

Buddha magnet (SOLD)

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