Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Retail Therapy and Weird Mosaics

I've been cranking away at the mosaics lately and I needed a little retail inspiration, or retail therapy, as I like to think of it, to keep my creative juices flowing. I was at one of my favorite places meandering around yesterday, the Mission Road Antique Mall, and I tripped across a booth and felt like I had struck gold.

I posted a pic earlier of a Big Ben clock I found at Sparks and I found two smaller clocks in this booth yesterday. Just the right degree of rusty and worn. Most of the plates came from another trip I took to the DAV and Goodwill thrift stores on Wornall.

The berry spoon and letter opener came from the fabulous booth in the mall. I've already glued the berry spoon to a double switch plate that says, "MY KITCHEN". I'll post a pic when I'm finished. Not sure what I'm going to put the letter opener in, yet. Maybe a chalkboard. As you can tell from the boxes I posted recently, I love doll parts and I snatched this doll arm right up. The red and white English saucer is awesome and I've already used a piece in the picture frame below (behind the dog's head). The watch and gold swirl brooch came from the DAV and Goodwill thrift stores. I usually find something fun at the Goodwill on Wornall.

Here's a close up of the pink clock and I got the jar of dice in a nearby booth. Although I really like the look of the dice in the jar, they will be used in mosaics. I already stole one for the "BIG DOG" frame below.

And a close up of the cream clock. When I move to a larger house, I'm going to have a dresser with nothing but these old clocks spread across the top. Big, small, black, white, pink, the only thing they'll have in common is that none of them will be able to tell the time anymore.

I actually walked away with my arms full and had to make my way back to pick up the dog. And seeing as how I just bought him yesterday, I didn't waste any time . . .

Yes, he looks like he's just sitting in front of this frame, but he's actually glued and cemented into it.

Lots of what I do is color-themed, but I enjoy letting lose every once in awhile and for some reason, I like to mix and match lots of colors on dog-themed stuff (scroll down to see the latest dog chalkboard below).

This dog is a pretty large figurine and just the right size for the frame. If you're at the Mission Road Antique Mall, go to the first floor by the bistro to see this great booth packed with treasures.
Now for the "weird mosaics" part. I have been on a kick lately, putting strange things into my mosaics. I recently posted a dented-up red plastic baby doll I stuck on a switch plate. Here's a green and red trout.

He looks kind of stunned, but I'm sure he'll warm up once he goes to a good home.

I got this strange plastic girl doll at Sparks from a guy who was my favorite vendor. I mentioned in a recent post that I was disappointed that he wasn't at the fall show.

Kind of like the fish, she looks stunned, but I'm sure she'll get used to having been glued and cemented into a switch plate eventually.

I got this elephant figurine at a thrift store on 470 and Blue Ridge Boulevard. The place was packed with cool stuff and the entire back wall was lamps. Interesting. I feel some more retail therapy coming on.

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