Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ringing in the New

After finishing some more "funny Valentines", I whipped up a few mosaics this week. I did this frame for a friend who is starting out on some new adventures in 2010. I was itchin' to use my busted up chalk figurine I dug up from the basement and this was just the place.

And a couple more Valentine magnets . . .

The mantra below are words to live by.

I have been torn lately about the look of things. I used to lacquer all of my mosaic pieces, but have been transforming into a look that works better old and matte than all glitter and shine.

But I wasn't sure about this heart; it seemed to be missing some spark.

Not literally -- I found this old lighter at an estate sale about a year ago. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to find just the right spot.

Below, with the lacquer, the heart came to life a little. Not too much; I don't like shiny grout. Just enough to make the words pop. I've decided I don't need to box myself in. Some pieces will need to shine and others will not.

I got some great news this week that Barb at Sisters Garden and Bloom near Iowa City is interested in giving my mosaics a go at her shop! My friend Dawn and I visited Sisters back in November on our Iowa road trip and it was love at first sight for me. All that is gorgeously rusty, tarnished, bent, and chippy. In other words, nirvana. Ahhhh . . . I have high hopes that my mosaics will be a nice fit and maybe some garden flowers, too, will find their way up to Iowa.


sassytrash said...

Your mosaic art is the best I've ever seen! I love your creativity and talent!!

ShabbySheep said...

Just found your blog! Lovely work. You have a great eye!

Sweet Repose said...

OMG...let me guess, I love it and I love all the lil' hearts, Barb is gonna be so excited, everything is so cool, girl you really got the gift for putting the right things together in their right spaces...I'm on the look out for a pal for Lance...BE AFRAID!!!