Sunday, January 3, 2010

Locally Owned Fabulousness

Brendan and I did a little shopping yesterday, and I introduced him to Pryde's in Westport.

Pryde's is full of awesome kitchen gadgets, appliances, dishes, garden statues, canisters, the list goes on and on. The building once held a dance studio that began in 1922.

I can't cook my way out of a paper sack, but I love this store because of the interesting stuff, the friendly staff, and the way things are merchandised.

Some of their stuff is locally made, like these hot pads.

Beautiful oven mitts and they had about six of these chandeliers made of small whisks.

Great display.

If they don't have it at Pryde's, you don't need it. I wasn't sure what you might use a "natural baking shell" for, but if you need some, they are here.

I was pretty good about just looking, but I did bring this little statue of the boy's head home with me. He is made of metal and is really heavy. I love his collar.

Great flooring (and Brendan's shoes are cute, too).

Our first stop had been at the Arizona Trading Company in Westport. It's fun to get Brendan's clothes here because they have plenty to choose from. Brendan likes skinny jeans and wool sweaters and they had just what we needed. Most everything is gently used, like a thrift store, it's just easy for us to focus since they carry only trendy, funky stuff.

They have fun hand made signs throughout the store.

I shopped here for years at their store in Lawrence and I'm glad it's easy one-stop shopping for Brendan since neither of us can stand the mall. (Unless we're talking about an antique mall, that is).

Be sure to support locally owned shops whenever possible. It's good for all of us to patronize these places and help strengthen the local economy. In fact, the Westport Coffee House right up the street from Pryde's and the Arizona Trading Company was successful in driving a nearby Starbucks out of business because of their great following. What a great example of David beating the s*&# out of Goliath!

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turquoisemoon said...

You are soooo right...Pryde's is fun! I fell in love with all the cookie cutters and cookbooks. Their displays make me wanna cook. It's always colorful and the atmosphere is cheerie. I've also been running down to the Planter's Seed Company (I don't do malls either)it's kindof fun too... Great posts and love your mosaics!