Saturday, January 16, 2010

Out and About in Midtown

I took the boys to Luyben Music in midtown Kansas City today. Brendan needed a new book; he's going to start playing the blues (guitar). When we got out of the car, Dash said, "What place is this?!" This is midtown, sugar! This was a vacant vet's office next door that was a grand home at one time, I am sure. Check out the wonderful tiles.

I thought we'd stop off at the Broadway Cafe, but when I parked the car and looked up, there was Westport on Broadway Antiques. I had never been and was anxious to check it out.

I found this great antique gas heater for only $9.95!

I thought about putting it outside, but with my barren (nonexistent) landscaping, it would probably come off as more Sanford and Son than cottage chic.

I could barely get this weird doll out of the case fast enough. Not only does it have a very unusual face . . .

It has these fat legs and short, stubby "arms".

This one was pretty cool, too.

The poodle picture is a mosaic made of crushed egg shells. I remember seeing one of these at the Glore last month.

I have a thing for kewpies.

The phone was hard to resist.

This lamp was a furry, faded material. Back in 1995, I had a really cool apartment furnished with nothing but funky thrift store finds and this would have been perfect.

Cool art deco lamp.

It's hard to find space on Brendan's social calendar, but he has a curious nature and will tag along with me for an adventure every now and then, especially if that adventure includes midtown.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love the gas stove! Hope you are having a great weekend, T