Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I spent some time this week making Valentines for my yard. Too bad that the snow from Christmas Eve still has not melted. I have some candy cane garden stakes out there somewhere . . .

I love cutting simple shapes out of sheet metal with tin snips, spray painting them, and staking them in my yard. Strange, but true.

I got this figurine at a thrift store a couple years ago and thought he would go into a mosaic. I think he looks pretty cool in the middle of this black heart. I don't usually name my pieces because there is no way I could name every switch plate and frame I make, but I do call this one Ziggy. It reminded me of David Bowie circa 1970 and one of my favorite lyrics of all time, "The kids were just crass, he was the nazz with god given ass."

I made this Valentine chain a few years back.

These little reindeer figurines are cute. I will start putting this one outside when the temp rises above 5 degrees so they won't break.

I made this one for my mom's birthday. The drawer pull is from a childhood dresser that belonged to one of us, not sure if it was me or my sister.

This heart features a cream colored vitage farm animal.

I never know the extent to which the spray paint is going to create this effect. It's not a crackle spray paint, it just acts strange with the sheet metal. Works for me.

Next week I need to fill a custom garden flower order and get back to making mosaics for both The Asylum in Iowa and Stuff. I am also going to start my weight loss program. Wish me luck because I will need it!

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